Sunday, November 28, 2010

Iraq Not Stable Enough for Some Refugees
BAGHDAD (UPI) -- Some of the refugees who returned to Iraq after sectarian violence ebbed are now saying they might emigrate again due to the economy. The New York Times said Saturday a lack of jobs and a continuing threat of violence has taken the luster off for many Iraqis who returned home after waiting out the worst of the insurgency abroad. "We are Iraqis in name only," said a former refugee named Abu Maream, who identified himself to the Times by his first name due to fear of reprisals. He added he would leave Iraq immediately if he had the money. Along with political violence, crime has been on the rise and professionals such as doctors are in short supply. The Times said the return of refugees had been seen as a sign of success in establishing a post-Saddam government in Iraq. A new wave of refugees, however, could be seen as a sign that things are not as stable as they could be.

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